Monday, June 4, 2012

Welcome Katie!

Welcome Katie! We started fostering her on 6/2. Katie is a beautiful 6 year old, fawn IG with white markings. She is my first IG foster! I have been fostering greyhounds for over 3 years and continue to expand my love for sight hounds :)

Katie is so sweet and shy. She wants to show love, but is afraid to approach you. Once you get her into your lap or next to you, she eats up all the love. Katie was recently spayed and had a dental with 9 extractions. She is healing from all that before we start getting her used to grooming.

Katie is a honey bunny and adores my husband. Here she is the first night snuggling with him.

We'll be taking things at Katie's pace and I'll post about once a week.

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