Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sharing A Bed

Katie gets along really well with her Weimaraner foster sister, Lucy, and often like to share beds. I don't know why but Katie prefers the big dog beds over the little ones.

The two girls:

Here, Katie is wondering why I disturbed her afternoon nap (not to be confused with the late morning after breakfast nap or the early evening nap):

Katie is a wonderful dog and a joy to have around. She makes me smile everyday as she learns to enjoy the good life. We are currently working on socializing, which is going great. We love spoiling beautiful Katie.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

2 Months

We have been fostering Katie for 2 months. She continues to open up and is comfortable here. Her body language is slowly changing; you can see her tail not tuck under as much when I approach to pick her up or groom her. She has grown very fond of me and will follow me everywhere. Here is a short checklist and grade for Katie's two month report card:

Kennel: B+, Katie eats all her meals in there and likes to hang out in there throughout the day. She spends short periods closed in and does fine.

Walking: A, Katie does very well walking with a harness. It is usually loose leash and she only stops when there is some new sound/sight and she stops for a few minutes to take it all in then moves on easily when called with treats.

Grooming: A, Katie lays pretty still while I dremmel her nails and pulls away just a little. Teeth brushing is okay, but she does move her head away a lot. Ears and bathing is fine as well.

Handling: B-, Katie is still a little afraid of being picked up and crouches, but she lets me do it. She loves to come up to be for petting and sometimes licks my hands, she does this a lot throughout the day.

Housebreaking: B, Katie uses the disposable pee pads really well for pees but not poops when left alone free when I go to work. She has only about 1 accident a week. She is good about going outside to do her business.

 Health: A+, Katie has a VERY healthy appetite and seems healthy.

Attitude: B+, Katie is a shy but happy girl. After two months, she is comfortable with me. She gets along great with our Weimaraner, Lucy. Katie never causes any trouble and is usually a quiet girl (except when it comes to food! She lets you know how much she loves it and likes to beg).

Katie is a sweet, easy dog and we enjoy fostering her greatly. She is so adorable and continues to open up more each day. Our future goals is socializing and basic obedience training.