Monday, July 16, 2012

Kong - Quest

Kongs are awesome toys; safe to leave with your dog, easy on teeth, keeps them busy and takes awhile to clean out completely. Katie did not like the stuffed kong in the beginning. She would lick it a couple times and be done. I had to hold it and encourage her. Here is a video from a few weeks ago:


After a couple weeks with the kong, Katie is a champ at cleaning it out. She is so smart; holding it, rolling it around and batting it with her tiny paws: total Kong-Quest.


Now that she has become a pro, I make it super difficult and it takes a good 30-40 mins for her to get all the goodies out.
Is she not the cutest thing in the videos? *swoon*

Sunday, July 8, 2012


After being with us for a month, Katie finally had her first play session!
I didn't want to distract or cause her to stop, so I didn't take any pictures and pretended not to watch. She dragged this huge monkey stick toy from the living room to the dog bed in the bedroom and was tearing into it. After a few minutes she was finished and I took pictures of the evidence. You can see the orange toy on the bottom of the picture:

Fuzz face:

She continues to have short play sessions once in awhile and it makes my heart sing to know she is feeling safer and happier here. Many times we take a step forward and several steps back with Katie, but I know with time she will open up and trust completely.