Sunday, September 23, 2012

Things Are Looking Up

Thanks to all the wonderful thoughts and prayers, tough little Katie is doing great   :)
I feel her mysterious illness of clear fluid build up and low protein level was probably due to an immune response, perhaps a delayed vaccine response. After tons of tests there still is no answer, but we do know she is in great condition(the blood tests and ultrasound shows she is very healthy). She received two protein infusions that helped her body absorb the clear fluid and process protein properly again.
She is really an amazing dog and always kept a great attitude even though she was feeling super punky. Katie is starting to regain the two pounds she lost and has energy again. She is happy and so excited to eat and get lots of loving. We're happy to be back to spoiling her and blogging about this beautiful girl enjoying life. Thanks again to all those thinking of Katie; especially to Kristin and Michelle of IGCA for their amazing dedication and support. Katie sends love to all her fans <3

   Katie in her new fall sweater

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Good Thoughts Needed

I'm sorry for the lack of posts on the blog but we've been focusing on taking care of Katie while we figure out what is wrong with her. She has such an amazing spirit; no complaining and still wags her tail and loving even though she doesn't feel well. This sweet girl is a gem. Good thoughts and prayers for Katie is greatly appreciated. Here is a picture of her from earlier this summer.