Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Katie has been with us for 3 1/2 weeks. She is much more comfortable and is slowly learning to trust us. I started grinding her nails and brushing her teeth early last week. We have done nails three times and surprisingly she does very well. I put her on my lap, on top of a pillow, and put my arms around her. At first I would hold her head down and she would struggle; I've learned that she is much more comfortable with her head up so she can see what I'm doing. She'll allow me to do them for a few minutes (which is plenty for up keeping nails). I can tell she is very nervous because her paws start to sweat a lot, but she stays put and makes it a one person job. She does not like teeth brushing, but will tolerate it okay.
The only negative from grooming is that she no longer lets me pick her up easily. She usually will run around for a while, and tricks that used to work (sitting still on the floor, crawling to her) no longer gets her to come/stop.

Since she has become more comfortable, she likes to sleep on the floor on the dog beds instead of hanging out right next to us. She will always come around and check on me if I leave the room too long, or she'll just stop and grin, wag her tail, and let us pet her.

Katie is a love bug and continues to try very hard to trust. She is already a different dog than the girl that came to us in early June.

Here is Katie all curled up <3

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Video of Katie

Here is a video I put together of Katie in the yard. She loves to scratch her back and wiggle all over; it always puts a huge smile on my face seeing it. We adore Katie and know she'll make somebody a wonderful companion. Until then, we're happy to spoil and show her the good life :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 5

Katie is opening up and becoming more comfortable each day.
She has an iron bladder for such a tiny girl; sleeping the whole night through without needing to go out and has only had 1 accident in the house (completely my fault!).
She now gets on and off our bed on her own. She'll go look for me if I leave the room. She'll put her front paws on my legs when we're outside to get my attention. Katie loves food and is a huge beggar! She eats all her meals with gusto.
Katie does not like being left alone and will cry/whine/howl. Hopefully, she learns that I will return shortly. Katie is still shy about me picking her up, but allows me to.

Did you know that IG's are cute from nose to tail? Everything about Katie is so adorable: her big soulful eyes, nose, speckled tummy, paint brush tail; all of it and more is irresistibly cute! Katie is confident in the backyard and likes her independence; often laying away from me and checking things out on her own and then comes around to say hi. When inside, she prefers to be right next to us.

Katie is a honey and is settling in very well.

Here are some cute pics of Katie in the backyard, I love the last one!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Welcome Katie!

Welcome Katie! We started fostering her on 6/2. Katie is a beautiful 6 year old, fawn IG with white markings. She is my first IG foster! I have been fostering greyhounds for over 3 years and continue to expand my love for sight hounds :)

Katie is so sweet and shy. She wants to show love, but is afraid to approach you. Once you get her into your lap or next to you, she eats up all the love. Katie was recently spayed and had a dental with 9 extractions. She is healing from all that before we start getting her used to grooming.

Katie is a honey bunny and adores my husband. Here she is the first night snuggling with him.

We'll be taking things at Katie's pace and I'll post about once a week.