Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Fostering One Year and a Happy Birthday!

On June second we've been fostering Katie for one year, wow! This sweetheart is a wonderful dog and is a fighter. She was very sick last year but with the help of homeopathy, a raw diet and supplements she is successfully tapering off of prednisone and her condition is 100% controlled (for detailed info please read the Health Update post in March). When conventional medicine failed to help Katie we sought out Dr. Levy at Holistic Vet Care in Blaine. Dr. Levy's knowledgeable guidance has healed Katie and enabling  her to get off of prednisone for good in the fall!

Katie is a rock star. This girl has amazing potty habits, great on leash, sweet, gets along great with other dogs, easy going, huge food hound, excellent recall and oh so beautiful!

Katie celebrated her 7th Birthday here! We don't know her exact birthday so decided to celebrate it on the day we started fostering her. Katie enjoyed a lovely raw, slightly smoked beef shank, yum! Of coruse I had to torture her with a birthday collar. Happy Birthday Katie!  

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