Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Baby It's Cold Outside

Minnesotans were hit with the biggest snowstorm in two years on Sunday. It looks pretty and we desperately need the moisture but poor Katie was freezing her buns off pottying. I made it a priority to keep her area on the patio clear so she didn't have to do her business in the snow. Oh the things we do for our (foster) pups :)

Katie's winter potty area off of the sliding glass doors

I shoveled a large circle around the shed for Lucy, my Weimaraner
Katie lured out by treats
Katie is too cute!

You can see in the second and third pictures the potty pads I have down for Katie. She has a choice between using those or going outside. Katie is great with her potty habits and has an iron bladder for such a tiny dog. Everyday Katie learns to trust and has blossomed so much in a relatively short time. We have no idea what she endured in the past, only that is was not a good life. But her ability to learn how to be loved and live life beautifully, one day at a time, is proof of her indomitable spirit. It is a privilege to foster and spoil Katie.

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